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If I install it on my computer can I also put it on my laptop as well?
Only if you purchase two licenses. Each license is for one install.

What about my Mac?
If your Mac has Windows with Java, yes.

Is it transferable?
In the event that you upgrade your mobile device, all reinstallation of the application shall be in accordance with the TOS provided by the app store from in which you made your purchase.

Can I do my calculations in Metric?
Yes, all calculations can be done using either the Metric or Standard system.

Culdasac -Circle at the end of a dead end street.

Radius - Distance measuring from the center of a circle to outer edge,
or one half the diameter.

Gallons to Length - Enter number of gallons, width, rate to get the length you will cover.

Length to Gallons - Enter length, width, rate, to get the number of gallons you need to cover an area.

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