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Examples of how YOU can get the MOST out of your Successful Roads Calculator.

With a quick install to your PC, Android, Palm or iPhone, you will get precise calculations instantly without error in the field, in the office or anywhere you want. You'll have no need to remember any formulas at all. You simply enter data such as (gallons, pounds, liters or meters, length, widths or inches) into the platform that you chose such as (oil emulsions, rock/chips, asphalt, culdesac/circle) and WHAM!!! You have a precise answer in tons, gallons or distance for the job you are doing.

Calculates in BOTH standard and metric!!


For example: You need to know how many tons of asphalt it takes to pave a culdesac with a diameter of 100 feet.
You simply:
1. Open up - Culdesac:
2. Select - Asphalt:
3. Enter - Radius (50 feet)
4. Enter - Depth (inches)
5. Select - Calculate: And WHAM!!! You have the number of tons it takes to pave the culdesac:

For example: If you want to know how many cubic yards is needed to backfill a trench minus the pipe To get exact results instantly, You simply:


1. Select - Trench minus Pipe/culvert
2. Enter - Width of Trench
3. Enter - Depth of Trench
4. Enter - Length of Trench
5. Enter - Diameter of Pipe
6. Select - Calculate: And WHAM!!! you have your cubic yards and no wasted material!!

For example: It's at the end of the day and there is 1,472 gallons left on the truck. You need to know how much further you can go to finish all the oil on the truck. (Your road is 20 feet wide your rate is .3 and of course you have 1,472 gallons.)
Leave the "old school" wheel and those other difficult to see devices that leave you guessing, back in the truck. This program reinvented the wheel! To get exact results instantly,
You simply:


1. Select - Oil Emulsions:
2. Select - Gallons to Length:
3. Enter - Width:
4. Enter- Rate:
5. Enter - # gallons:
6. Select - Calculate: And WHAM!!! You have the precise # of feet you can go:

For Example: You want to test the rate that your oil distributor's truck is applying, to ensure the calibration is correct. By using 1 unit of chips/rock, have the driver keep track of the number of feet and the number of gallons it took to cover the area. With these figures, select the Gallons to Length or Length to Gallons option in your Road Formula Calculator to have your answer in seconds.
You Simply:


1. Select - Oil Emulsions:
2. Select - Length to Gallons:
3. Enter - Width: (in our example we use 24)
4. Enter - Rate: (in our example we use .3)
5. Enter - Length: (the # of feet the driver went, 528 in our example)
6. Enter - Calculate: And Wham!!! This figure should match the # of Gallons the driver told you or the truck needs to be recalibrated because YOUR figure is absolutely correct.

This program enables a person to do calculations in both standard and metric quanities for jobs that have numerous widths and lengths such as: (parking lots) in the field with instant precise results. In conclusion:
This program allows you to make it simple and easy to calculate road and culdesac applications for Chip Seal, Asphalt and Oil Emulsions with precise, exact and instant results. There are many more ways to use this program; these are just a few examples to get you started .

You may think: Can I afford this program?
My thought is: How can you NOT afford to buy this program!!!


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